Somerset Community Food, is a grass-roots charity which aims to re-connect people with the social, health and environmental effects of growing, buying, preparing and eating local food.

We have developed a unique training package that has successfully taught hundreds of people to start growing & cooking food.

Our 'Get Set Grow' and 'Get Set Cook' packages give flexible and fun opportunities to learn food growing & cooking. Our funding from Zing Somerset has recently ended but we carry out other commissioned work.


It's better consumed than composted! We have recently created a Food Surplus Directory collating details of local groups who can benefit from gluts and surpluses.

Visit our Resources page where you will find links and extensive information on all aspects of community food.




Latest News

Dec 23, 2019


Somerset Community Food will be getting people together again in the new year. We will be organising talks and workshops in partnership with Glastonbury Seedy Saturday!
Saturday 1st February at Glastonbury Town Hall, 11-4pm

Alongside the seed swap there will be stalls and demonstrations, home-cooked food and entertainment in the evening. We’ll also be running a get-together session for community food people at 1pm.

Sep 23, 2019

The City of Wells Lions and Somerset Community Food, have put together a series of Cookery Classes to promote healthy eating to those at risk / living with type 2 diabetes.

Sat 2nd November - soup, salads and muffins
Sat 7th December - low-carb meals
Sat 11th January - no added sugar snacks and deserts

10:30-12:30 at The Lawrence Centre, Wells

Aug 5, 2019
Saturday 5th October 9.30-1.00pm
Wells Town Hall
After attending this event you will know how to feel great, lose weight and drastically reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease. A number of wellness professionals will share truths hidden in plain sight from the public.

We are working in partneship with The City of Wells Lions to organise this event. It is to raise awareness of diabetes and to share the science and practical ways to drastically reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

We are also running some follow-up practical cooking sessions after the event please contact us for more info / details coming soon.