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Somerset Community Food was established as a Registered Charity in 2001. Our aim is to reconnect people with local healthy food through community action. We support the network of community food projects active in Somerset. We provide training, run community food conferences and send out a local food newsletter several times a year.

We gather information and continue to update our extensive Resources pages about community food-related topics.

In all our work we value:

Choice - We recognise that people have very different ideas about what constitutes 'good healthy food' and that a healthy diet can be achieved in different ways.

Inclusion - It is our policy to provide an inclusive environment to all. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at the events we run. We are opposed to all forms of discrimination.

Compassion - We are committed to directing resources towards deprived people and communities in Somerset.

Mutual Support - We value the strength that comes from people working together in their local communities. By working together, we can achieve solutions to the problems that are faced in securing a healthy supply of local, nutritious food.


We have worked with colleagues from Somerset County Council and Somerset Community Foundation, with the aim to support both new and existing community food growing projects across the county.

Our mission is to empower communities across Somerset to be able to support their residents and neighbours with all things food. Growing groups, communal allotments, and community cooking are ways in which skills and knowledge can be shared and fresh produce can be grown and enjoyed. Leading to stronger communities. Access to low cost or free fruit and vegetables and the ability to grow your own food, is crucial for creating a healthier and happier Somerset.

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