Somerset Food Projects Map

Why join a community growing group?

For some of us, it can be tough to start growing food at home - maybe you don't have a garden, or it's not big enough to set aside space for a veg patch. We also know that it can be difficult to get hold of an allotment in Somerset. Maybe a whole allotment is too big a commitment for you? Perhaps, it's simply that you don't know where to start?

Find a local growing group

Fortunately, there are plenty of community schemes running across Somerset, many of which provide residents with an opportunity to learn about food growing. You can get hands-on without the pressure of maintaining the plot alone and take home hard-earned produce to cook and enjoy for yourselves.

Add your group

Are you part of a growing group in Somerset which isn't listed on our map? Let us know! Please contact and we'll reply with the information required. Please also let us know if your details needs amending.

Use our map below to find a group near you…