Better consumed than composted - abundance & surplus food projects

Donate your gluts and surplus

Many groups and projects can make use of food surplus and we have collected and shared information on groups across Somerset who can utilise surplus for a number of years. We know that gardeners and growing projects have gluts of produce and will want to find a good home for it. We ask producers and growers with food surplus to contact the organisation direct to make arrangements.

It's better consumed than composted

Food surplus directory listings (In pdf format):

Please visit the more recently collated Food Resilience Map to locate other community food projects e.g. fridges, pantries, food banks etc. who may be able to utilise your surplus produce.

For information on reducing food waste at home and accessing surplus food as an individual please visit our Waste not page.

Plus, grow an extra row! 

If you are group or individual with capacity to grow extra produce, we would encourage you to support projects tackling increasing food insecurity across Somerset. You can use this page to find groups who can make use of your produce.

Grow an extra row flyer - row of cabbages and text

We know of 2 brilliant examples of community groups growing produce to donate to their community:

Abundance & gleaning projects

Every autumn, apples rot on the ground, hedgerows fill with fruit and some people grow more food than they can eat and good food goes to waste. The aim is therefore to capture this surplus and re-distribute it - harvest the bounty and give it to those that need it most. Fruit can be pressed into juice, made into jams and pickles or sold loose at reduced rates to local families who otherwise would not have access to fresh fruit.

Gleaning is the act of gathering leftover crops from farmers' fields and you need:

  1. Connections to local farmers with surplus
  2. Availability of enthusiastic volunteers who can quickly gather the excess
  3. Organisations who can utilise donations of fresh produce

    The following resources will help you get started: