Join the The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN)

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IFAN supports independent food aid projects (Food Banks, Growing Projects etc.) and advocates on their behalf at a national level.They also hold a broader vision to end food insecurity. Membership is free.

With an underpinning set of principles and aims IFAN organises its activities into three broad areas, all of which would bring benefits to Somerset’s community food sector:

  • Building understanding of the causes, scale and potential solutions to food insecurity amongst members, key stakeholders and policy makers, and the wider public.
  • Working directly with members and connecting members to each other to share examples of how best to address problems of food insecurity in the short term, and to build the necessary alliances to bring about the structural changes necessary and achievable at a local level to end food insecurity in the longer term.
  • Contributing to campaigns designed to highlight issues of food insecurity and bring about the necessary changes at national and international scales to bring an end to food insecurity in the UK.

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