Organise a community growing and sharing activity

community plant swap flier - with image of seedlings growing

So much seed sowing and growing happens in April and May and it's also a great time of year to organise a community event. A community seedling and plant swap can be a great way to bring growers together to share their surplus and their knowledge. Many gardeners grow too many seedlings and are more than happy to give them away, whilst new and novice growers are happy to take on seedlings and advice. 

You can also take part in the Soil Association's 'Plant and Share' month which runs from 22nd April - 20th May this year. They have a toolkit and resources available which suggest good ideas for your community activity or event and you can also add your event to their calendar too.

Glastonbury Gardener's Group have a long-running plant swap which is held informally on the High Street each year, it's simple to publicise and run - see flier pictured.

We're very happy to share details of your event in our newsletter / on Facebook - just send us the details!