Speakers announced for our next forum

green forum flyer showing project logos of transition town wellington and food forest project logos

Join us at our next Grow for Good Forum on Wednesday 6th of July at 7:30-9pm (on Zoom). Sign up here

It's a friendly and supportive meet-up for anyone who is involved with food, growing and gardening to support positive change. We are excited to announce we have 2 really inspiring speakers at this forum:

Helen Gillingham, co-ordinator of Transition Town Wellington

The group manage 8 different sites around the town where food is grown for the local community in a sustainable way, to support wildlife and biodiversity. Helen will share how they created a foraging and recipe guide with details on how you can get a copy to adapt for your community too.

Tristan Faith, founder of The Food Forest Project

The project designs and plants food forests using permaculture principles. The planting is designed to be low maintenance, with a variety of perennial, edible plants, making wild food available for the local community for many years to come.