We’re joining the UK Food Conversation

So what do we really want from food? Food conversation report cover

We are excited to be part of the next round of UK Food Conversations, organised by the Food Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC), an independent, research-led charity bringing diverse citizens together to discuss and tackle the serious challenges we face regarding our food, health and environment. Their Food Conversation began in 2023 and the majority of participants when asked "So, what do we really want from food?" expressed a desire for significant changes to our food system and increased government action to safeguard our environment and public health.

We are upbeat after attending the Food Conversation briefing last week. We're starting to organise our Food Conversation events and hope to complete a series of 90 minute conversations, involving both community groups and citizens as well as targeting young people. 

The resources are well designed, informative and will make the Food Conversation straightforward to facilitate. We will start with a short film, followed by discussion of the topic and the completion of 'postcards from the future', with the group agreeing on the top 5 actions needed. We hope to capture what people in Somerset think of:

  • Where the power lies in our food system
  • The needs of those in this system
  • The changes we most want to happen?

The discussions and outcomes will feed into this national conversation. Get in touch for more details / watch this space.