Bleadney Bow Project

Funded by the 2021 Growing Grant

Location: Bleadney, near Wells

What do you do?  Community permaculture garden where volunteers look after the plot and harvest as things ripen.  Any excess produce is made available to the local community.

When do you meet? Weekends and some evenings.  We have a whats app group and suggest times we will be there on that.  People can drop in as it suits them.  It is a relaxed informal group.

Who can join?  Anyone who is interested.  Group members tend to be people who have been on a Cannington College course or locals.

Is there wheelchair access?  The access to the plot would be tricky in a wheelchair as ground is bumpy or very soft in places and the paths are narrow.  The keyhole bed would be good for someone in a wheelchair.

Contact Details: re the project.  For people wanting to join the group

*Growing Grants funding received for a polytunnel and water supply for their permaculture plot.