Transition Town Wellington Sustainable Food Group

Funded by the 2021 Growing Grant

Location- Wellington
What do they do? Community food growing projects on 8 sites, including fruit and nut trees, fruit bushes and herb beds. A new forest garden project is being launched in 2021. We run talks on growing vegetables 4 times a year and a public apple juicing event every autumn, along with our apple juicing project to sell juice from otherwise waste fruit. You can find out more about our group here

When do they meet? Saturday and weekday mornings.

Who can join? Everyone of all ages and backgrounds, no experience needed.

Is there wheelchair access? On two sites, Burrough Way fruit bushes and Post Close cherry and plum trees. Mount Pleasant herb bed can be accessed from the edges. We are working on making the new forest garden site wheelchair accessible for the future.

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Facebook “Transition Town Wellington” and our group page “Transition Town Wellington Community"

Instagram @wellingtontransition

Or join our community gardeners Whatsapp group.

*See the funding page for more details


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